The global coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill in 2020, something the year will forever be remembered for in history. Whether it be businesses, socialising or travel and leisure, no one leaves the house without thinking twice!

With COVID 19 making its way around the globe over the past few months, we’ve become accustomed to the restrictions in our everyday lives. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) measures must be implemented to stay safe and healthy. When alone or in the company of others, it’s vital to exercise the appropriate protocol which will inhibit us to transition into the ‘new normal’ so we can enjoy daily activities without causing any pressing dangers to our newly opened up state.

After a series of “smart lockdowns” recently and an effort from the Pakistani government to make sure citizens are aware of the repercussions of not practicing a healthy lifestyle, the situation has seemed to have significantly improved. With businesses and all walks of life gradually opening up in Karachi, the income generating Tourism Industry seems to be at the forefront of happening events. With people eager and willing to leave their homes after a gloomy lockdown period, Northern Pakistan seems to have caught everyone’s eye as the ideal hotspot. Trips planned and flights booked, the travel has begun! But the pandemic is far from over.

When travelling or maintaining a safe environment for the country to prosper, we must keep in mind the Standard Operating Procedures which allow us to enjoy Pakistan’s beauty.

For the well-being of ourselves and others, we have tips to stay safe during the transition back to ‘normal’:

– Self-isolate at home for 14 days if you or anyone you may know has come into contact with a COVID patient

– Wear a mask at all times when outside the home

– Avoid touching your face

– Keep your sanitizer on you at all times and frequently wash your hands

– Maintain social distancing

– Eat healthy foods to boost your immune system

– Keep valid travel insurance with you

If you want to learn more about the virus, the World Health Organisation website provides ample resources and recommendations to stay safe and healthy, as well as making sure we can prevent this pandemic from reaching a second wave.

Although it’s prime travelling time right now, staying safe so that the industry can flourish is of the utmost importance. Enjoying our trips coincides with exercising safety precautions, making for an overall exhilarating experience! Let us know if you have any queries or concerns before embarking on your adventure.

To enjoy joyous and memorable travels, we need to stay one step ahead and remember to priories our safety!