Giving Back

Giving Back

Join us on an adventure that leaves a lasting legacy of environmental awareness and community empowerment. Choose The Big Sky Adventures, and together, let’s leave no trace, but empower every place we explore.

Remember, responsible travel isn’t just about minimizing your footprint; it’s about maximizing your positive impact. So, pack your bags, your sense of adventure, and your commitment to making a difference. The mountains are calling, and the communities await, ready to learn, grow, and thrive alongside you.

At The Big Sky Adventures, we believe the truest beauty of travel lies not only in the landscapes we explore, but in the connections we forge. That’s why we champion the power of women, both as travelers and as the vibrant threads woven into the tapestry of Pakistani culture.


Imagine trekking through the Hunza Valley alongside a female guide. These women, trained under our program, possess not only local expertise but also unwavering determination to break gender stereotypes and pave the way for future generations. They’ll share their deep connection to the land, their cultural insights, and their personal stories of resilience, inspiring you with each step.


Our journeys go beyond tourist traps, delving into the heart of communities with us. Visit a women’s cooperative Korgah, in Gulmit where skilled artisans weave intricate tapestries while sharing their entrepreneurial journeys. or, learn the art of traditional embroidery from a grandmother in Chitral. These interactions are not just cultural experiences; they’re testaments to the power of female spirit.


Our commitment to women’s empowerment extends beyond tourism. We believe in creating lasting opportunities. That’s why we employ widows, women with disabilities, and other marginalized women as chefs for our treks and expeditions.


By choosing The Big Sky Adventures, you become a part of this empowering cycle, directly contributing to their economic independence. Discover Pakistan’s magic, side-by-side with the women who weave its spirit.

At The Big Sky Adventures, we believe in exploring responsibly. It’s not just about leaving pristine landscapes untouched; it’s about leaving communities empowered to preserve their own natural beauty. That’s why waste management isn’t just a logistical detail for us, it’s a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainable tourism.


Learning by Example:

Imagine yourself trekking through the majestic Hunza Valley, stopping at a local school to conduct a fun and interactive workshop on waste segregation. Together with your fellow travelers, you engage the children in sorting recycling materials, explaining the importance of reducing waste and upcycling. Their bright smiles and eager participation speak volumes about the impact of learning by example.


Community Clean-ups with a Purpose:

Beyond classrooms, we organize waste collection drives alongside local communities. Picture yourself, alongside villagers, picking up litter that mars the stunning landscape. As you work together, sharing stories and laughter, a sense of shared responsibility and environmental pride takes root.


By choosing The Big Sky Adventures, you become an active participant in this cycle of positive change. Your presence and participation in these initiatives directly benefit local communities. Children become eco-conscious ambassadors, sharing their newfound knowledge with families and friends. Communities develop a sense of ownership over their environment, leading to more sustainable practices in the long run.

We are experts in creating unforgettable, personalized wellness experiences for individuals and groups.

We employ a vast number of wellness professionals in different fields such as yoga and meditation practitioners, celebrity chefs, wellness coaches and nutritional consultants.

Our retreats are your detox to leave away stress, responsibilities and pressures of daily life, and let the mind reset.

Our retreats provide a much-needed downtime away from modern day stresses to finally slow down, relax, really get to know your colleagues and communicate with ease and openness. Such programs are perfect to socialise, realign everyone with the company’s vision and clearly set targets. Our retreats are designed keeping the specific goals and needs of your company in mind.

Get in touch with us to schedule a mindfulness, yoga, qi gong or self development retreat in the wilderness.

The Big Sky Adventures offers its discerning customers the rare chance to work towards the conservation of Pakistan’s wildlife, its habitat, cultivation of game farming and its promotion, habitat management, and the access to public lands for hunting and conservation by effectively engaging the federal/provincial governments at all levels.

We partner with concerned authorities and locals to create projects that directly benefit wildlife and rural communities in Pakistan with your support. From rare and endangered Ibex and Markhor in the north, the majestic Brown Bear and Himalayan Snow Leopard and down to the southern Crocodiles, Flamingos and Dolphins around the coastal belts.

We offer meaningful opportunities to sustainably enjoy hunting in Pakistan and conserving game numbers to keep traditions alive for our coming generations and yours.