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Our CEO, Azhar Nabi, spent most of the weekdays of his adult life as a banker: building high-performing teams and delivering exceptional customer service. But for half a century he also spent virtually every weekend and every holiday exploring Pakistan’s wilderness. Coming from a family of avid hunters he was introduced to the countryside before he could speak, and as a lifelong wanderer, he befriended hosts from all over rural Sindh, Balochistan, KP, Punjab, and Pakistan’s far north. He always had two passions: people and the outdoors.

Azhar decided to combine these two passions by founding The Big Sky Adventures. We provide incredible experiences of an undiscovered countryside to the most discerning and demanding travelers from Pakistan and the world, on a basis that helps local communities flourish and thrive. Our goals are simple: to share rural Pakistan’s exquisite sights, sounds, flavors, and cultures with those eager to experience them; to exceed all expectations in terms of service and satisfaction; and to improve the living conditions of those who inhabit regions rich in natural beauty but often lacking in sources of economic livelihood.

If you partake in a collaboration with The Big Sky Adventures, you will see a side of Pakistan you will never forget. You will travel in supreme comfort while also being in close proximity to the nature around you. And you will contribute to preserving the beauty you see for future generations. Our trips are intended to transform you. All you have to do is pick the companions you most want to share such an experience with – and come.