Hingol National Park

A winter retreat to the sub-tropical range of Hingol National Park (first declared in 1988), the largest in Pakistan, is ideal. It rests along the Makran coast in Southwestern Balochistan, only 190km from Karachi.

Near the beach, the park, which covers 6,100 square kilometres, is a hub for cyclists, adventure seekers, animal lovers and those looking for a thrilling hiking trip with friends or family. Hingol National Park is famous for its surreal landscape, with marvellous zeniths as well as the Hingol river.

The park consists of a relatively dry climate with arid temperatures and is home to the rarest wildlife creatures including the Houbara bird, Jungle Cat, Chinkaras, Ibexes, Jackals, the Sind Leopard, Green Marine Turtles, Marsh Crocodiles, endangered fish species such as the Mahasheer, and dolphins in its vicinity, to name a few. The ‘Lion of Balochistan’ is another phenomenal historical site which resembles a Sphinx, on the Makran coastal highway, making Hingol National Park not only an attractive tourist spot for its rare species of wildlife but for its cultural significance and close proximity to the largest metropolis of Pakistan.

The Makran Coast is known for its history and connections to various ports, such as Gwadar and Ormara. It is a diverse and scenic region in southwestern Pakistan. It is home to a variety of people and cultures, as well as a number of historical and natural attractions.

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  • Sapat Beach
  • Kund Malir
  • Princess of Hope
  • Sphinx of Balochistan
  • Camping & heavy durty off-roading in Hingol National Park
  • Crocodile & Sindh Ibex sighting