Deosai National Park

Established in 1993, the summer haven for friends and families, Deosai National Park has an elevation of 4,114 metres above sea level, considered to be the second highest plateau in the world. Referred to as ‘Byarsa’, meaning ‘summer place’, the park is one of the highest plateaus you will ever visit in Northern Pakistan, with an area ranging across 3,000 square kilometres. Located on the Western Border of the Himalayas and the Karakoram range, the plateau is known for its generous plains which make for a wonderful camping experience from the months of June to September, covered by a rich field of grass, flowers, streams and mountainous terrain.

Located 25-30 hours by car from Islamabad, Deo-sai, meaning Giant Shadow, also known as ‘Giant’ due to the vast plains spread across the National Park which gives it its recognition. The park is home to specimens of beautiful flowers but no trees in sight across the large surface area, when not covered in snow as locals have expressed how the plains are only accessible in the summertime. With various species of flora and fauna wildlife dwelling there and nomads crossing, Deosai is an ideal place to visit and camp whether with friends or family for a truly special experience, enjoying the natural beauty Pakistan has to offer.